Andre’s story: Finding the hope you need, when it’s needed most

May 17, 2022

Following a diagnosis of colorectal cancer and after undergoing colostomy surgery, Andre was given a prognosis of two to three months to live. He was sent to a palliative care hospital with a signed DNR.

“But I wasn’t ready to give up on myself. While I was a patient in the hospital I volunteered time helping them with IT matters, and I gradually started to feel better. So I left the hospital and began receiving palliative care from my home, along with the tremendous help and support of my family.”

At the suggestion of a social worker, Andre then contacted Wellspring. “Wellspring was immediately there for me. One outstanding Wellspring professional helped me work through my financial situation, while another, equally as understanding and knowledgeable, helped me with my emotional needs. Their compassion and concern moved me to tears on many occasions. I never felt forgotten or alone.”

Now as he continues his gradual recovery, Andre is taking university courses at the Ph.D. level and has begun writing books about the complex concepts of wisdom. And, as he awaits further surgery, he is seeking ways to volunteer his time and vast knowledge to give back to help Wellspring in gratitude. 

“It’s what you do in the moment that can give you hope. It has to be in you to say, ‘I’m not giving up. I’m going to fight this.’ It’s an attitude. There are truly wonderful people and organizations who can effectively help you. I’ve discovered that the hope you need, when it really matters, can be found at Wellspring.”

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