Free Online Platform Launches for Canadians with Cancer

March 4, 2024

CANADA – Today, on March 4, 2024, Wellspring Cancer Support has launched a brand-new online platform, giving Canadians free access to vital support services for people living with cancer, as well as family members and those who care for them.

Wellspring’s specialized programs are designed to provide symptom management, help with financial and workplace issues, provide emotional support, and improve physical and mental health. Wellspring CEO, Christina Smith says people living with cancer across all Canadian provinces can now better access these online programs through its significantly improved user-friendly website

“When you are diagnosed with cancer, your world completely turns on its head. Our job at Wellspring is to improve the quality of life of people living with cancer, and their families, by providing the support they need during their often-difficult journey. This new website will not only improve current patient experience but will also hopefully attract people across Canada to seek our free programs,” Mrs. Smith says.

TD Bank Group (TD), a 30-year sponsor of Wellspring, saw an opportunity to offer its expertise from the Bank’s Digital and Research teams to help Wellspring adjust to an online environment during the pandemic. In 2022, TD also committed $600,000 over three years towards the project through its corporate citizenship platform, the TD Ready Commitment, to help transform and expand the virtual platform. The website is designed to make the experience painless for Wellspring members, so they can attend online programs and undertake self-learning online resources without difficulty.

“Tailored support and easy-to-access information about diagnosis, treatment, and the challenges that follow are key to improving health outcomes and reducing the burden of chronic illness,” says Alicia Rose, AVP, Social Impact, Sustainability & Corporate Citizenship, TD Bank Group.  “Through the TD Ready Commitment, we’re proud to support Wellspring’s Virtual Centre for Cancer Support which will help increase equitable access to services and support across Canada for patients and their families living with cancer.”

Wellspring has nine physical centres across Ontario and Alberta where members can attend in-person programs. “It was important for us to ensure our website experience mirrored the welcoming Wellspring atmosphere for the people who aren’t able to visit our centres, or just want the flexibility of online programs,” Mrs. Smith says.

Annual Canadian Cancer Statistics released late last year suggested that in 2023, 239,100 Canadians were diagnosed with cancer. Cancer diagnoses are predicted to rise over the years, meaning more Canadians will need cancer support.

“Our work with Wellspring combines our longstanding support with the knowledge and passion of our colleagues who saw the opportunity to help make a difference for individuals and families facing cancer,” said Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital and Payments Officer, TD Bank Group. “I’m so excited to see the launch of the Virtual Centre for Cancer Support and what it will mean for tens of thousands of Canadians dealing with cancer each year.”

“Our mission has always been to serve as many individuals living with cancer as possible, and these statistics show many people are living with cancer in Canada that may not know about Wellspring. This doesn’t even take into account statistics for family members and caregivers impacted by cancer. With this new website, I am confident they will be able to better access our vital support services,” Mrs. Smith says.

Wellspring provides professionally led programs that help cancer patients and their loved ones overcome the emotional, physical, social, and practical challenges that come with a diagnosis. Programs are provided at no charge, with no need for medical referral.

“There is something for everyone at Wellspring. Whether you’d like to join a cancer support group, attend a music or art therapy program, get advice about what foods to eat, or talk to an expert about financial struggles during your diagnosis – we’ve got it all! I encourage you to consider becoming a member – everyone is welcome,” says Mrs. Smith.

For more information, to donate, or to become a Wellspring member, head to the brand-new Wellspring website:

For media inquiries please email

About Wellspring Cancer Support: Wellspring Cancer Support is a network of charities which help people living with cancer elevate their quality of life and improve their health outcomes. At Wellspring, you will find a range of specialized programs designed to provide connection and belonging; ease pain, fatigue and distress; build strength and mobility; and support financial and workplace challenges. Professionally led online and in-person programs are available free-of-charge and without referral. Learn more at

2 Responses

  1. Long time Wellspring user. The new website does not function well on phone. I use phone regularly while either waiting at a clinic, or getting treatment, this new site is NOT PHONE FRIENDLY. I registered for a regular program that I attend online and I normally get the zoom login link quickly, tonight still have not got – if I do not have by tomorrow morning will re-register with my computer and not phone.

    1. Hi Catherine. Thanks for your feedback. We have had some issues with emails, which we understand should be resolved as of today. Hopefully you now have the Zoom link. We have also noted your feedback regarding mobile functionality and will continue to work towards resolving them. Thanks for your patience. All the best.

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