Every Moment Matters: A heartfelt thank you to our volunteers

April 14, 2024

During National Volunteer Week, April 14 to 20, we want to take a moment to recognize every Wellspring volunteer and the contribution they’re making. This year’s volunteer week theme is “Every Moment Matters” – which is something that those navigating the challenges of cancer know all too well. At Wellspring, our dedicated volunteers understand this truth, often having experienced cancer themselves.

To our volunteers, we want to say a heartfelt, “Thank you.” Your presence in the lives of individuals facing cancer is more than just assistance; it’s a beacon of hope which offers compassion, strength, and understanding.

From offering a listening ear to providing vital administrative support, your acts of kindness transform ordinary moments into important support and cherished memories.

In the words of one member:

“I wanted to send a SINCERE THANKS to all the volunteers at Wellspring! I am so grateful for the Wellspring organization and both the staff and volunteers who make it run so smoothly.”

~ Sarah, member

Volunteers are at the heart of Wellspring. Thank you for making a difference, and for helping people live better with cancer.

Do you have a thanks to add or story to share about how volunteers have positively impacted you? Share them in the comments.

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