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Our Impact

Our mission is to help people living with cancer improve their quality of life and health outcomes through a comprehensive range of programs, provided in a warm and welcoming manner. We cannot do this alone. We need your help. 

Annual Individuals Served

Organization21-22 # Individuals Served20-21 # Individuals Served
Wellspring Calgary2,1102,014
Wellspring Chinguacousy328352
Wellspring Edmonton9181,165
Wellspring London421378
Wellspring Niagara531586
Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation6,1815,014
Wellspring Network (total):10,4899,509

Annual Program Visits

Organization21-22 # Program Visits20-21 # Program Visits
Wellspring Calgary25,742 25,361 
Wellspring Chinguacousy5,012 4,258 
Wellspring Edmonton11,921 14,177 
Wellspring London5,026 3,944 
Wellspring Niagara6,737 5,912 
Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation56,385 49,847 
Wellspring Network (total):110,823 103,499

Across Canada, Wellspring reached 10,489 individuals this past year and seeks to reach significantly more people next year with your help. Wellspring receives no core government funding. The generosity of donors, sponsors, members, volunteers, and community partners, enables all Wellspring programs to be provided at no charge.  

Overall Experience and Wellspring

According to our 2022 Mission Survey, Wellspring respondents agreed that: 

The Impact

According to our 2022 Mission Survey, Wellspring respondents said:*

*Missing/not applicable are not included in calculation.


Our members, their families and the broader community choose which programs they take and how many times they want to take them. We’re here to provide what works best for you. 

Wellspring Member Stories

At Wellspring, our members sometimes share a bit about their cancer experience and tell us how Wellspring impacts their lives.