Partner with Wellspring

Partner with Wellspring

Partner with Wellspring

Wellspring Cancer Support is able to support individuals living with cancer, along with their families and caregivers, because of the incredible individuals, groups and organizations we have the privilege of working with.  

By increasing coordination, we maximize resources, and their accessibility, for our cancer community. 

Ways to Collaborate

If you are looking to support your clients in the cancer supportive care space, Wellspring might be the right partner for you. To learn more or to inquire about opportunities, email 

Peer Support Partnerships

Receive peer support training, program management and professional counselling support.

Supportive Care Arm

Receive help in the management and facilitation of support groups, and speaking events or programs.

Program Location

Offer select Wellspring programs onsite.


Want to set up a Wellspring in your community? Have another way to collaborate? Reach out to discuss the possibilities.

Collaborations with local organizations

Wellspring London & region has partnerships with the following local organizations. For partnerships at the national level, please visit

  • London Health Sciences
  • University of Western Ontario

Our Approach

Wellspring provides a community of support for those living with cancer, driven by the needs of our members.

50+ Evidence-Informed Programs

Wellspring offers more than 50 diverse and evidence-informed programs and services, delivered by paid professionals. Programs fall within 6 pillars, and are available 5-6 days per week to those living with cancer.

Volunteer Supported​

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Wellspring. We have hundreds of volunteers that support all areas of the organization, providing:

  • Operational support
  • Peer support
  • Program support
  • Support with fundraising events
  • Governance through our Board and Committees
  • Support as ambassadors
  • Their professional expertise in service of our mission

Free & without referral

We are 100% donor funded
Wellspring seeks to breakdown potential barriers by ensuring all of our programs and services are available free of charge and without referral. While we don’t require referrals, health care professionals are the #1 way new members hear about us.

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