Caregiver, Supporter or Family Member

Caregiver, Supporter or Family Member

How we help you

Anyone who is a caregiver, supporter or family member to someone with a cancer diagnosis is welcome to become a Wellspring Cancer Support member – free of charge and without referral.

Participating in this vibrant, supportive community gives you access to a wide range of resources, programs, speakers and events. Best of all it gives you a safe landing place among friends… people who understand that caregivers and supporters also need help balancing their own wellness with the needs and demands of caring for a loved one with cancer.


As a caregiver, you are providing sole or significant help to someone living with cancer. Caregivers may be partners, family members or close friends.


As a supporter, you may be providing help to someone in a less official capacity. Supporters are typically family members or friends.

Family Member

Cancer impacts everyone in the family. Family support is also available for children.


While individuals usually join Wellspring before losing someone they love, some Wellspring's offer limited bereavement services.

What you'll receive

Peace of mind knowing programs and services are free-of-charge
Peer Support from trained volunteers with lived-cancer experience
Access to 50+ professionally-led online and in-person programs
Self-paced online learnings, available 24/7
Programs that provide symptom management, help with financial and workplace issues, provide emotional support for you and your loved ones, and improve your physical and mental health

The Registration Process

Getting started at Wellspring is easy.

Fill out the membership registration form

Check your inbox for an email confirmation

Start signing up for programs right away!

Wellspring will reach out to you shortly and will set up a peer support call

Our Approach

Wellspring provides a community of support for those living with cancer, driven by the needs of our members.

Free & Without Referral

We are 100% donor funded
Wellspring seeks to break down potential barriers by ensuring all of our programs and services are available free of charge and without referral. While we don’t require referrals, health care professionals are the number one way new members hear about us.

50+ Evidence-Informed Programs

Wellspring offers more than 50 diverse and evidence-informed programs and services, delivered by paid professionals. Programs fall within six categories, and are available 5-6 days per week to anyone living with cancer and those that care and love them.


Volunteers are the heartbeat of Wellspring. We have hundreds of volunteers that support all areas of the organization, providing:

  • Operational support
  • Peer support
  • Program support
  • Support with fundraising events
  • Governance through our Board and Committees
  • Support as ambassadors
  • Their professional expertise in service of our mission

Member Stories

Hear from others who have used Wellspring’s programs and services.

February 27, 2024

Resource Library

Want to get started right away? Check out our resource library for recorded educational webinars and other resources on a variety of topics that may help you through your cancer experience.

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