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Energy Services Practitioner

Energy Services Practitioner

Energy Services Practitioners provide Reiki and Therapeutic Touch to members on a by-appointment basis at both the London and Stratford centres.  They provide these services free to members.

Eligibility:  To qualify as an Energy Practitioner Volunteer, one must:

  • have one of the following levels of certification:
    • Reiki: A 2nd Degree Certification
    • Therapeutic Touch: Certification as a Recognized Practitioner
  • have completed a minimum of 20 energy sessions prior to volunteering
  • provide Wellspring with a clear Vulnerable Sector Police Records Search
  • attend Wellspring’s orientation and training programs

Primary Responsibilities:  Energy Practitioners will:

  • provide Reiki and Therapeutic Touch to members on a by-appointment basis.

Training Requirements: 
Volunteer Energy Practitioners must complete the following prior to their first independent shift:

  • Wellspring Volunteer Orientation Checklist completed with supervisor
  • All regulatory and legislatively required training (i.e. AODA Training, Health & Safety Training)
  • Wellspring Support Training Program

Once on active duty, volunteer Energy Practitioners will have access to workshops and meetings to keep them informed and provide opportunities for further skill development:

  • Debriefing Sessions
  • Educational Workshops
  • Town Hall Business Meeting




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