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Cancer Related Fatigue

Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) is one of the most common and distressful side effects of cancer and cancer-related treatments. It is usually described as a persistent sense of physical, emotional, and cognitive tiredness unrelated to activity and doesn’t go away after rest.

The onset of CRF can occur pre-cancer treatment, during treatment, and post-treatment and last for days, months or even years. CRF can negatively impact your mood, daily activities, and overall quality of life at work and in relationships.

This new four-part series will explore the various causes of CRF and provide suggestions, strategies and resources to help manage and minimize its impact.

Week 1: Understanding Your Fatigue
Week 2: Lifestyle Approaches to Managing Fatigue
Week 3: Nutrition and Fatigue
Week 4: Exercise and Fatigue 

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