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Returning to Work

Cancer patients often have special concerns when considering a return to the workplace. These can include the impact of physical or cognitive deficits on work performance, fatigue, the need for special workplace accommodation, maintaining health and wellness and communication with employers and colleagues to name a few. Returning to Work will help cancer patients achieve a successful and sustained return to work following an absence due to cancer. Under the leadership of a professional program leader or guest experts topics include readiness, abilities and identifying gaps in employment skills, managing health and personal information and developing a self-care plan to support ongoing health and wellness. Returning to Work is available to cancer patients who are preparing to return to work, and registration is required.

Please note there are two companion Speaker Series that we highly recommend you attend.

Returning to Work: Legal Issues

Long Term Disability: Understanding your LTD Benefits

Registration and home practice required

Registered Programs with Home Practice: A commitment to attend all session is required, as is a commitment to home practice.

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