Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

We are Wellspring

Wellspring Cancer Support operates through a network of charitable organizations. Each Wellspring offers similar programming and services, tailored to the unique needs of the community it serves.

Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation was founded in 1992 and has the following Mission, Vision and Values. These are consistent with those of our network.


Our Mission

Wellspring helps people living with cancer elevate their quality of life and strengthen mind and body through innovative cancer support programs.

Our Vision

Helping people live better with cancer.

Our Values

At Wellspring, we value Community, Compassion, Empowerment and Respect.

Our Goals

  1. Maintain excellence in all Wellspring centres
  2. Develop innovative programs and continuously improve those in existence
  3. Serve as many cancer patients and their loved ones as possible with regard to Canada’s diversity
  4. Secure a sustainable funding base
  5. Achieve and maintain organizational health

Our Commitment to Diversity

Wellspring welcomes and is accepting of all individuals diagnosed with cancer and those who care for them. We are committed to an authentic approach to continuous improvement with the ultimate goal of all individuals feeling safe and understood within Wellspring programs and centres.

Donate Now

Why donate to Wellspring?

Your generosity opens doors and improves the lives of those living with cancer.

Wellspring Cancer Support charges no fees and receives no core government funding. Programs and operations are made possible only through the generosity of donors like you.


If you or a loved one is living with cancer, Wellspring is here to help. We can help you overcome the emotional, physical and practical challenges you may be experiencing.

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