Our Impact

Our Impact

Measuring our impact

Our mission is to help people living with cancer improve their quality of life and health outcomes through a comprehensive range of programs, provided in a warm and welcoming manner. We cannot do this alone. We need your help. 

People living with cancer who were supported by Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation in 2022

Year-over-year results

Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation
22-23 # Individuals Served
21-22 # Individuals Served
Annual Individuals Served
Annual Program Visits

Why donate to Wellspring?

Wellspring does not receive government funding. Instead, we rely on the generosity of people like you to help people live better with cancer.

Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation reached 7,567 individuals this past year and seeks to reach significantly more people next year with your help. Wellspring receives no core government funding. The generosity of donors, sponsors, members, volunteers, and community partners, enables all Wellspring programs to be provided at no charge.

Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation

Programs Funded by Type (2021-2022)

They are treated with compassion and respect
0 %
Knowledgeable and helpful staff and program facilitators
0 %
Wellspring is warm and welcoming
0 %
Wellspring is a safe and confidential place
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The Impact

Wellspring helps me feel less isolated
0 %
Can express needs and feelings better
0 %
Can manage stressful situations better
0 %
Quality of life has improved with Wellspring
0 %
Wellspring increases my emotional wellbeing
0 %
Wellspring increases my physical wellbeing
0 %
Wellspring increases my financial wellbeing
0 %

Latest News & Stories

I’m so incredibly grateful for how things have turned out for me, and for all the support I’ve received from Wellspring. Helping others through such a challenging time is how I show my gratitude.

John Nyholt
Wellspring Volunteer
JWN pic (2)

These programs were like a lifeline for me. Through the Oasis support group, I learnt that I’m not alone and I got some ‘normalcy’ back into my life. When I started Cancer Exercise, I was hunched over and walking with a cane. About a month into the program, I let go of my cane, which was a huge achievement. It’s now almost a year I can actually walk standing up straight and I have less pain.

Rupinder Sian
Wellspring Member
Rupi Sian (2)

Losing my husband to cancer was devastating for me and for our daughter. Being diagnosed with that same, rare form of cancer years later felt catastrophic. Wellspring pulled us through some of the darkest moments when my husband died, and it is getting us through this time too.

Lynn Kinsman
Wellspring Member
Lynn4 (2)

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