Long-Term Disability

Starting Long Term Disability (LTD) – Part 2

Do you have Long Term Disability benefits through your employer and want to learn more about LTD? Already receiving LTD but thinking about what happens next? Wellspring is pleased to offer the online session ‘Understanding Your Long Term Disability Benefits’,  providing you with information to help you better understand how LTD works, your responsibilities and the details of an LTD policy.

In five videos, the seminar covers:

  • How LTD benefits work from start to finish
  • Identifying the professionals that may be involved with your case
  • How to start your LTD claim, what happens to your case while you are in treatment, and how to prepare for returning to work when you are better.

2: Starting LTD (10:52)

  • Ongoing medical information requirements
  • Best practices

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