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Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, Wellspring will help you select the right programs to help you, at the right time in your diagnosis and treatment.

Emotional Support programs provide a safe and confidential place to share personal feeling and concerns, as well as to learn strategies to help, such as through Meditation and Relaxation and Visualization. These programs are particularly important for those newly diagnosed, those currently in treatment and maybe not feeling well, or those who find themselves time-restrained.

Peer Support
Pancreatic Cancer Peer Support
Family Resources (When a Parent Has Cancer) or (When a Child Has Cancer)
Healing Journey

Physical/Functional programs are typically health restoring programs that have a focus on rehabilitation and recovery from some of the physical and lifestyle impacts of cancer and its treatments.

Brain Fog

Brain Fog for Young Adults

Practical programs are beneficial for those dealing with financial and drug costs, for those who have taken a leave of absence from work, and for those looking for ways to successfully transition back to work and community when treatment is completed.

Back at Work: Managing Stress in the Workplace 

Back at Work:  Moving Beyond Cancer – Letting Go

Money Matters

Government Disability Benefit Resources

Returning to Work

Understanding Your Long Term Disability Benefits