Sharon Arsenault: Thank you with all my heart

May 3, 2022

My name is Sharon, and in 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that had metastasized throughout my bones and into my liver. I was told it was “incurable, but treatable”. Initial prognosis was not very favorable, however, for the past five years, all of my testing and CT scans have shown that my cancer is “stable”. I‘m currently taking maintenance treatments every 3 weeks, to hopefully keep me in this good standing.

Shortly after I started treatment of chemo and radiation, I sought support from Wellspring. What I really needed was to find people with a similar diagnosis that truly understood what I was going through. Specifically, I needed support on how to deal with treatments, testing, side effects, emotional state of mind, etc, and the hardest part for me…was finding someone that I was comfortable talking with, about end of life planning. And I found all of the support and love that I needed from the Oasis Advanced Cancer Support Group, at Wellspring.

Making my donation is my way of respectfully saying “thank you“ to those who paved the way through Wellspring before I even got here. It’s also my way of saying “I love you all” to my current Oasis family, and finally, it’s my way of saying “welcome, you’re not alone“ to those in the future who will be entering the doors of Wellspring, looking for their safety net.

Wellspring has been a real gift to me, and my hope is that either my donation or this letter will touch someone’s life, as much as Wellspring has touched mine. Please join me in making a difference to Wellspring.

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