Keith McMillan: Giving back in support of people with cancer and those who do so much

April 29, 2024

Submitted by Keith McMillan

I am almost 4 years cancer free after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in June 2020.

It was a scary diagnosis with a low survival rate. But with great surgery and oncological care, along with becoming a member at Wellspring, I found a will to survive – and I did just that. I absorbed all the online materials Wellspring offered and attended various Nourish programs online, which helped me to learn how pancreatic enzymes contribute to my energy, weight, and nutrition.

After getting healthy enough, I decided to give back to Wellspring in honour of modern medicine and the incredible people who practice it. As a Wellspring volunteer, I speak with those who are afflicted by pancreatic cancer and help them navigate the journey that it truly is. Helping to lessen the load of cancer patients is incredibly rewarding. When you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, there is so much to learn about it, and your life changes drastically. Having someone to talk to who has experience with pancreatic cancer can help prepare people and their caregivers for the path ahead.

Wellspring recognizes this benefit for people living with cancer, and I thank them for being the means that allow me to help others in need. Every interaction a patient or caregiver has with Wellspring provides an opportunity to find the support and answers they may be looking for. It may be information on nutrition, disease development, treatment paths, symptom reduction, or simply a need to talk.  Wellspring provides support that is so crucial in times of sharp change and medical challenges.

From experience, I know that becoming a member or contributor will ensure the continuing provision of this essential cancer support. That is why I assist and contribute to Wellspring.

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