Gift a Good Day Spring Campaign

May 6, 2024

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The surgeon said they would do everything they could to make her comfortable. Laurie’s prognosis was poor, she had a host of painful symptoms, and the costs of her cancer drugs went well beyond her ability to pay. That’s when she turned to Wellspring.

“Wellspring played a key role in my ability to cope with the debilitating side effects of treatment and beat the grim odds facing me at the time of diagnosis,” Laurie says, noting that Wellspring’s Cancer-related Fatigue program got her walking again, no matter how sick she felt, and that really made a difference to her quality of live.

Wellspring gave Laurie good days amid cancer’s darkness. Thanks to caring supporters, our community became a lifeline, offering comfort, information and unwavering support throughout her journey. Donations from compassionate members of the Wellspring community are what make these programs possible.

Having cancer can be a daily struggle. It touches every aspect of someone’s life: physically, mentally, financially, and socially. But your generosity will always have the power to transform these lives, providing comfort, strength, and symptom relief to those who need it most. This spring, I’d like to ask you to Gift a Good Day to someone with cancer.

Your gift today will be used to provide someone in pain with the program, counselling, or information they need to make their day better, their year better, their life better.

Learning that cancer’s symptoms can persist for years helped Laurie accept and feel comforted by those around her. “Meeting people who survived the treatments, survived the symptoms, and are surviving the pain has been extremely valuable,” Laurie says. “The empathy and understanding of the people within the Wellspring community has made a huge difference for me. I’m so grateful that I had access to all this support, information, and understanding.”

Laurie has good days and bad days, like most people experiencing cancer. Facing financial hardship due to cancer once again, she is now turning to Wellspring’s Money Matters program, which helps our friends and loved ones in need find income replacement and other available supports. “The Money Matters counsellor is really, really amazing,” she says, anticipating another good day in her near future.

Please help give more people good days by Gifting a Good Day today. The need is great, and thanks to kind-hearted supporters, Wellspring charges no fees. We also receive no core government funding. We rely completely on the generosity of donors.

Your gift today will make a tremendous difference in the lives of individuals and families facing the challenges of cancer. Together, you and I, and the entire Wellspring Community, will bring light to the darkness, hope to the despairing, and joy to those who need us right now.

I want you to know that your charitable donations are a sound investment. Wellspring programs are evidence-based and led by experts. They have been shown to reduce pain; improve strength, nutrition, breathing, mobility, and financial wellness; and they ease the devastating effects that cancer-related anxiety and depression can bring.

I hope you will please consider donating today. Gift a good day at Wellspring. Whatever amount is meaningful to you will provide a better day and a better life for one of your fellow Wellspring community members.


Christina Smith
Chief Executive Officer

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