About Wellspring Alberta

Wellspring Alberta is a warm and welcoming community that provides a comprehensive range of support, resources and programs so anyone living with cancer and the people who care for them can improve the quality of their lives.

Our Purpose

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. It brings countless life-altering moments and events for the people who receive the diagnosis and for those who love them. People with cancer are compelled to find a ‘new normal,’ before, during and after treatment. Priorities shift, relationships change, life is … different.

At Wellspring, people living with cancer tell us what helps them the most is having access to information, receiving support, and learning new ways to cope. They also tell us the cancer journey has two roads: medical and emotional.

We have excellent medical resources to fight cancer, but people who have cancer need so much more. Individuals and their loved ones often have difficulty finding the emotional, social and practical support they so urgently require. The support provided by Wellspring becomes a vital complement to medical treatment.

In Alberta, only Wellspring devotes itself exclusively to the unique non-medical impacts of cancer. At Wellspring, people with cancer, their families and caregivers can exchange information, develop a support system and create a sense of hope, in the warm, caring atmosphere of our centres, and in our welcoming online community.

How wellspring Help

How We Help

Hearing the words “you have cancer” is life changing. Over 60 Albertans are diagnosed with cancer every day, and 80% have significant physical, emotional, and financial challenges that go well beyond the important medical treatments they receive in hospital. That’s where Wellspring fits in. 

Our Approach

Wellspring provides a community of support for those living with cancer, driven by the needs of our members.

70+ Evidence-Informed Programs

Wellspring offers more than 70 diverse and evidence-informed programs and services, delivered by paid professionals. Programs fall within 6 pillars, and are available 6 days per week to those living with cancer.

Volunteer Supported​

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Wellspring. We have hundreds of volunteers that support all areas of the organization, providing:

  • Operational support
  • Peer support
  • Program support
  • Support with fundraising events
  • Governance through our Board and Committees
  • Support as ambassadors
  • Their professional expertise in service of our mission

Free & without referral

We are 100% donor funded
Wellspring seeks to breakdown potential barriers by ensuring all of our programs and services are available free of charge and without referral.

While we don’t require referrals, health care professionals are the #1 way new members hear about us.

Funded by Donors

Wellspring Alberta charges no fees and receives no core government funding. Programs and operations are made possible only through the generosity of donors and funds raised through donations, sponsorships and special events.

Your donation makes a difference.

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