Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

Five-Year Strategic Plan

Wellspring Alberta has developed a strategic plan for 2021 – 2026. It serves to guide the organization through a series of actions intended to ensure organizational health, financial sustainability and expanded reach – all with the goal of serving more individuals living with cancer and those that care for and love them. 

Our vision: No one has to face cancer alone.

Our Vision for Growth

Strengthen and sustain organizational health

  1. Have a human resource sustainability strategy (staff, volunteers, program leaders, board) which will allow the organization to continue to respond to our changing member needs most effectively.
  2. Reflect on the diversity of our communities in all ways and across all areas as an inclusive organization.
  3. Have built a diverse and successful fundraising portfolio, inclusive of annual funding from government.

Program excellence

  1. Maintain excellence and responsiveness in member services and programming.
  2. Articulate our strong value proposition informed by research and data.

Expand reach to serve more cancer patients

  1. Expand our reach to support those living with cancer across Alberta, employing a co-creation model using a hybrid model including technology and in-person programming.
  2. Sustain and grow continued strong collaborations and an elevated position in the cancer care landscape.

Our Commitments

We understand that certain things are really important and need to stay consistent. Here’s a list of the key things we’re committed to at Wellspring Alberta:

Maintain the “essence” of Wellspring Alberta – including characteristics identified in the Patient Engagement Research Study report.
Free and without need for referral.​
Evidence-informed programming, co-created with Wellspring Alberta members.​
For all those living with cancer and their caregivers, including dedicated programs for young adults and families with kids under 18.​
Peer-to-peer programming and interaction.​
A non-clinical setting where possible with intentional environmental anchors associated with the Wellspring Alberta experience.
Responsive, respectful and safe environment honoring the historical, cultural and all other aspects of diversity across Alberta.
Maintaining the integrity and values of the current structure, governance and volunteer culture.
Ensuring specialized, professional, expertise and commitment of staff, program leaders, and volunteers.
To promote sustainability of supports, whether working independently, in partnerships or collaborations, Wellspring Alberta maintains the ability to foster philanthropic support in any community they serve.
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