Our Impact

Our Impact

Measuring our impact

Our mission is to help people living with cancer improve their quality of life and health outcomes through a comprehensive range of programs, provided in a warm and welcoming manner. We cannot do this alone. We need your help. 

People living with cancer who were supported by Wellspring Alberta in 2022
Alberta communities that had members participate in Wellspring programs in 2022

Year-over-year results

2022-23 Individuals Served
2021-22 Individuals Served
Annual Individuals Served
Annual Program Visits

Why donate to Wellspring?

Wellspring does not receive core government or hospital funding. Instead, we rely on the generosity of people like you to help people live better with cancer.

Across Canada, Wellspring reached 10,489 individuals this past year and seeks to reach significantly more people next year with your help. Wellspring receives no core government funding. The generosity of donors, sponsors, members, volunteers, and community partners, enables all Wellspring programs to be provided at no charge.
Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation

Programs Funded by Type (2021-2022)

Overall Experience and Wellspring

According to our 2023 Mission Survey*, Wellspring respondents agree that:

They are treated with compassion & respect
0 %
Knowledgeable & helpful staff & program leaders
0 %
Wellspring is warm & welcoming
0 %
Wellspring is a safe & confidential place
0 %

The Impact

According to our 2023 Mission Survey*, Wellspring respondents said:

Wellspring helps me feel less isolated
0 %
Have gained knowledge to address my needs
0 %
Can manage stressful situations better
0 %
Can express needs and feelings better
0 %
Quality of life has improved with Wellspring
0 %
Wellspring increased my emotional wellbeing
0 %
Wellspring increased my physical wellbeing
0 %
Wellspring increased my financial wellbeing
0 %
*No response/not applicable are not included in the calculation. Based on 728 respondents.

Latest News & Stories

As a Wellspring volunteer, I get to help build and share in a vital community space. I’m very grateful to Wellspring for the training, resources, and support they provide us as volunteers. I’ve learned a lot during my time with Wellspring, and built relationships with staff and other volunteers, as well as the members.

Laurel Green
Laurel G

I received so many benefits from Wellspring, now I wanted to volunteer and help others who could use what Wellspring has to offer.

Ann Dowling
thumbnail IMG 0434

If you ask my why I care, it’s because every once in a while you find out that what you did actually made an impact. That’s why I’m passionate about volunteering for Wellspring, you get the feeling that you are appreciated, and what you are doing makes an impact.

Brett Martin
Community Connector
Brett Martin photo

Wellspring has been so important to me throughout this cancer odyssey – I simply would not be doing so well without the programs, compassion, and genuine kindness of this community.

Kate Bilson
Wellspring member
Edit 1

At Wellspring there is no pressure and nobody judging you. You are just free to be yourself and to work at your own pace. Art is my favourite. I love spending my time there drawing, painting, creating a collage. In art classes… I can lose myself in it.

Sarbjit Jawandha
Wellspring Member
Edit 1 Sarbjit

Wellspring helped me turn my life around. Right away I got the sense that I’m not alone. After cancer, your life is changed forever, but now I was around others who knew what it felt like and that helped.

Andrew Del Frari
Wellspring Member

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