Alberta Health Services

December 1, 2020

Wellspring Alberta is honoured to work in close partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and in particular, with Cancer Care Alberta.

In fact, Cancer Care Alberta deserves significant recognition for the creative and collaborative way in which it has chosen to work with Wellspring as a non-profit partner, in support of enhancing patient experience. This innovative collaboration may serve as an example for other potential partnerships between Alberta Health Services and the non-profit/charitable community.

The collaboration between Cancer Care Alberta and Wellspring is well described by Chief Program Officer Brenda Hubley

Alignment and Collaboration

Examples of alignment and collaborative work with Alberta Health Services:

  • Wellspring Alberta is part of the new patient orientation session for cancer patients offered at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.
  • Wellspring Alberta is invited to present at Grand Rounds (sharing news of Wellspring resources with physicians, oncologists and nurses) and to participate in patient education days/events hosted by Cancer Care Alberta.
  • Wellspring Alberta co-hosts the “Living Your Best with Advanced, Metastatic, Chronic or Non-curable Cancer” event made available across the province.
  • Wellspring Alberta is built into the algorithm associated with screening for distress (Putting Patients First). Based on a patient’s response, they either are referred for clinical supports with Alberta Health Services or are referred to Wellspring Alberta for non-clinical supports.
  • Wellspring Alberta is included as a vital resource in the patient discharge letter from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.
  • Wellspring Alberta sits as an Expert Member on the Alberta Health Services Cancer Provincial Advisory Council.
  • Wellspring Alberta was invited to sit on Alberta Health Services, Cancer Care Alberta, and Provincial Supportive Care Council (work now completed).

Wellspring Alberta is part of the new patient orientation session for cancer patients offered at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

Wellspring Alberta has important partnerships and relationships with Oncologists and other cancer care leaders:

  • Our Speaker Series often features highly respected oncologists, researchers and other leaders in the cancer and health industry, and is open to all.
  • Wellspring Alberta has health experts on its Board of Directors, Program, and Speaker Committees.
  • Wellspring Alberta works closely with Dr. Harold Lau (head and neck cancer patients) and Dr. Jackson Wu (patients living with an incurable cancer) on joint initiatives to support patients.
  • Wellspring Alberta work closely with cancer patient navigators including: Indigenous Patient Navigators, Adolescent Young Adult Cancer Navigators, rural Patient Navigators, and with Alberta Health Services Social Workers who refer patients to Wellspring, as appropriate.
  • Physicians, Oncologists and Nurses frequently refer patients and caregivers to Wellspring as a community resource during and/or post-treatment.
  • Alberta Health Services Social Workers refer patients to Wellspring and Meghan Holub, Money Matters Program Coordinator; Wellspring Alberta is considered a subject matter expert.

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