Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

I understand that my active and ethical participation is important to the success of my involvement and Wellspring Alberta’s efforts. Therefore, I agree to abide by the following guidelines for my participation:

I will treat all individuals with fairness and respect and be a positive role model for others with whom I have contact.

I recognize that each person associated with Wellspring Alberta must be free to pursue the course of action which they choose. In this spirit, I will not offer ‘prescriptions’ to any member of the community. Likewise, I will issue no judgment or criticism upon any member for the choices he/she makes.

I respect the right of every person to enjoy the space, solitude and full benefits offered by Wellspring Alberta. To this end, I will not willingly and/or maliciously interfere with staff, instructors, members and/or volunteers nor cause disruption of sessions.

I will hold in confidence all personal information gained about any members I meet, unless the member has agreed to have this information shared OR unless I believe, on reasonable grounds, that sharing such information will minimize harm to that member.

I understand that personal relationships are ethical insofar as they do not create a situation in which one person is uncomfortable and/or feeling threatened.

I will not place any member of the Wellspring community in a position which creates an ethical or legal dilemma for them (e.g. requests to copy materials in violation of copyright, make fraudulent claims, or make requests for access to confidential material).

In choosing to be associated with Wellspring Alberta, I assume the obligation to contribute to the Wellspring Alberta community, and will act accordingly to support the cause of Wellspring Alberta.

I will report any concerns to the CEO or to the Board Chair or to a staff member as appropriate.

As a Board member, staff, instructor, volunteer, or member I recognize my role as an ambassador to the community, especially when representing Wellspring Alberta and will act accordingly.

In order to preserve the privacy, safety and well being of Wellspring Alberta for all members, I will not solicit or market services or products within the Wellspring Alberta community, unless approved by management.

I agree to follow all established policies and procedures.

I will take responsibility for my health and safety and seek the advice of my physician if I am unsure about participating in any activity at Wellspring Alberta. I will not risk injury to myself or others.

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