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Coping through the Holidays | Living Your Best With Advanced Cancer

The holiday season can be a mixture of excitement, joy, anticipation, stress, anxiety, fear, fatigue… the list goes on. It can change amongst each holiday and year by year. This is a conversation about ways to navigate this time of year and how to create opportunities for yourself and your support network to capitalize on what everyone is needing, wanting and hoping for during a time that may be really difficult. Joni Mann is a Social Worker with a focus on supporting adults living with advanced illness. Joni discovered her passion for Palliative Care with Hospice Calgary 20 years ago. After working with various Hospices across British Columbia and Ontario Joni feels privileged to continue supporting individuals and their loved ones as they navigate their illness, symptoms, beliefs and values alongside the meaning of living. Ruth Kohut is the Director for the Living with Advanced Illness Centre, Hospice Calgary. Ruth is a nurse with Masters in Science and has a diverse health care career. She has worked in areas including clinical genetics, public policy and hospital administration.

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