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The Deep C Podcast: You already know how to do this, inside a cancer parent therapy session with Laura Pasqualino

In this episode of Sam Taylor’s podcast, The Deep C, she talks with Wellspring’s cancer therapist, social worker Laura Pasqualino, about the tools and strategies Laura helped Sam apply during her daughter’s treatment. Laura believes we already know the way through the darkness, we’ve just never had to access the resiliency and inner-guides until now. She gives examples of how she helps parents find their way, and how she teaches us to visit the pain, not live in it.

Laura holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto and has over 25 years experience in both hospital and community settings. She is a program leader and consultant at Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation, and also runs her own private practice supporting oncology families throughout their child’s treatment, and beyond.

Laura is a cherished guide for families carrying their children through treatment and has helped hundreds of parents through the darkest times of their lives. Her ability to sit in the pain with a parent and help to release feelings of shame, guilt, denial and anger is profound. Laura’s decades of experience has given her a perspective and insight that brings parents comfort in knowing they aren’t alone, and that the deepest most painful places can be safe to explore with someone who knows the terrain.

Therapy isn’t for everyone and can oftentimes hold a stigma that we’re weak or lack the resources ourselves to navigate our pain. If you’re curious about how a therapy session sounds, this episode will give you a fly on the wall advantage of how Laura walks Sam through the terrifying fear of her daughter’s diagnosis, and provides Sam with tools and insights to cope and manage in ways that give her hope, strength and lead her out of a dark place and towards the light.

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