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Wellspring Alberta  is a registered charity, operating under business number 8090 13675 RR0001.

Your monthly gift means that Wellspring Alberta can offer programs and services free of charge to those living with cancer.
For as little as $10 a month, you will help ensure no one has to face cancer alone.


monthly gift allows a member to access one Speaker Series session each month for the year.


monthly gift will provide one member unlimited access to all of our programs for a month.


monthly gift will provide one member unlimited access to our programs for 10 weeks.


monthly gift will provide one member unlimited access to all our programs for 5 months.


monthly gift will allow one member unlimited access to all our programs for a year.

What does a cancer diagnosis mean for an Albertan today? In the face of a healthcare system pushed to its limits, where every day is a challenge for those facing cancer, Wellspring Alberta stands as a beacon of hope and support.

70 Programs

30,000 Visits

7,000 Hours

Wellspring Alberta offers over 70 diverse, evidence informed programs, delivered by over 120 contracted professional program leaders, five to six days a week.

In 2022, people living with a cancer diagnosis, caregivers and children under 18 visited Wellspring programs and services over 30,000 times.

In 2022, 189 volunteers committed more than 7,300 hours in support of Wellspring.

"When cancer takes away your ability to work, it really matters that all [Wellspring's programs and services] are offered for free."
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Rosa Escobar
Wellspring member

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Being a monthly donor isn’t just about making a financial contribution; it’s a powerful statement of solidarity with our community. Your consistent support ensures that we can continue to offer FREE resources and assistance to individuals facing cancer, caregivers, and their children.

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