Co-Founder: Rita Egizii

December 2, 2009

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

Inspired by Mother Teresa’s tireless commitment to helping those in need, Rita’s personal directive has always been about disruption – setting in action whatever needs to be done to make the changes that are absolutely necessary to retain human dignity. Rita finds the human spirit an enigma. Her continued personal development focuses on the pursuit of what it means to be human. She strongly believes that no one can operate alone. The fragile ecosystem humans live in is one which relies on the collaboration of community.

Rita’s personal journey with cancer started in her mid 30’s and included a grim prognosis, years of aggressive therapies, several surgeries and on-going post-recovery care. Through it all, she turned to the knowledge of Western medicine and the healing influence of Indigenous and Eastern philosophies and traditions. Supported by family, friends, strangers, professional health care givers and healers from around the world, she emerged strong in her conviction to support others traveling the same path.

A passionate, often overly-exuberant changemaker, Rita often finds herself moving between king-size goals and the beauty and harmony of each daily task that serves to fulfill her purpose and intention. That intention includes an on-going profound focus of thought and behavior – embracing, on a daily basis, that if her intention is about bringing others together to help one another, then every action she takes should personify that intention.  Rita is a connector, a catalyst, a high-level strategic thinker who excels at bringing people together and inspiring them to cast their own stones – and to do so with joy, love, laughter, and…pizzazz (always)!

Be innovative.  Be bold.  Find your unique space in the mayhem and let your voice be heard.

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