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October 17, 2019
  • January 19, 2021
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From the hearts of babes


Twins Joss and Elone were just eight years old when their mum, Rene, was diagnosed with a rare malignant tumour in the base of her skull (rare as in, three in 10 million). In the year that followed the family was thrown into unimaginable distress as the onslaught of tests, scans and treatments uprooted their secure happy life. Their mum’s career as a doctor was obliterated. In a heartbeat Rene went from assisting in surgeries to needing extensive surgeries herself, and having to travel to the U.S. for highly specialized radiation not available in Canada.

When there was a pause in the health crisis, Rene found Wellspring Calgary. She came with the kids to a house concert, an evening of music that lifted their spirits. Later, Rene took Creative Journaling at Wellspring. Those two hours in the week provided precious time where she could be herself in a supportive environment.

When Joss and Elone witnessed their mum enjoying herself at Wellspring, they felt better, and they too, found a small measure of relief. For their birthdays that year, the year they turned nine, they asked friends and family for money in lieu of gifts, and then presented a donation to Wellspring.

Wellspring staff were deeply moved. These two sweet souls, whose lives have been impossibly turned upside down, reached deep in their young hearts to help others.

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