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April 1, 2020
  • April 1, 2020
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By Ian Robinson

This is hard. Really hard.

Hell, I’m at the point where I found myself giddy with anticipation at the prospect of going in for an MRI yesterday, even though it meant:

  1. A) Going into a hospital which is where there are many sick people who can infect and possibly take me out.
  2. B) I freaking hate MRIs cause they’re just nasty.
  3. C) While lying there with a smooth hard surface six inches from my face, I can’t help but wonder if they wiped it down before I went in and if not, if the person before me coughed.

But at least I was out of the house and got to see people. Even though they were all masked and gowned and nobody wants to talk to anybody else cause we’re all scared.

I’ve got a phone appointment with my Doc this morning. On the one hand, I get the need to protect me and for her to protect herself. But dang. I had been looking forward to a face-to-face. Hell of a thing when a doctor’s appointment is the highlight of your social calendar. I mean, I would have looked forward to a prostate exam if it meant some conversation with somebody I like. “Prostate check? Hell yeah doc! I’m up for it if you JUST FREAKING TALK TO ME!!!!”

Oh well. I know that most bad things pass or that we learn to manage them. But it’s easier when we can hug our friends.

When things return to something resembling normal, I’ll head back to Wellspring, but a warning to others – Wear something absorbent. I’m afraid all this quarantine loneliness may have turned me into a crier.

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4 Responses

  1. Good reflection on the situation.

    There may still be an opportunity for us chemo folks to start a consulting business on How to Self Isolate for the general population. Put our experience to use.

  2. Online programs and peer support calls are continuing…feel free to register on line. No hugs, but connections nonetheless.

    And thanks for keeping up your posts – they give us all a smile and something to look forward to!

  3. You are not alone…….was thrilled to go to Tom Baker today to see my Doctor…..was happy to leave as well…..will be going back and forth for treatments next 7 days and happy to see some familiar faces at TBC…….

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