Lethbridge ‘Go-Getters’ Take Steps for Cancer Support

April 6, 2021

By Leslie G, Marilyn A and Val K

We participated in the Wellspring Calgary’s Southern Alberta Zoom Focus Group meeting on February 25, 2021. The purpose of the focus group was to enable Wellspring members living in southern Alberta to connect with other members who live in communities outside of Calgary. We were invited to share our thoughts and have a say on what our dream cancer support community looked and felt like.

The three of us had never met before that day, and we were all so excited to discover there were other people in Lethbridge who were interested in spreading the word about non-medical cancer support.

That excitement fueled us to meet for a walk the following week, accompanied by Val’s adorable little dog, Tucker. We found that we were all passionate about bringing cancer support services to the Lethbridge area. As we walked, we discussed potential new ideas for building cancer support communities in Lethbridge. We were so pleased to discover that between us, we know a lot of possible Lethbridge contacts to help with proceeding. One important idea that came from our discussions was that there is a real need for a warm, welcoming, and safe space for people with cancer, cancer survivors, and those who care for them to meet on a regular basis, when it is finally safe to gather in-person. When the walk was over, all three of us commented on the bond and energy we felt together as a team. We feel we are kindred spirits.

Our next step was to have a Zoom Meeting with Rebecca Perkins, the Southern Alberta Lead for Wellspring Calgary to discuss our many ideas. We had a very enjoyable, lively, and information-packed meeting.  Rebecca encouraged us to apply to become Wellspring Volunteer Community Connectors. Participating in this role will solidify our intention to stay actively involved in planning and executing cancer support services that can be sustainable in the Lethbridge area.

Our sincere thanks to Rebecca Perkins, who has been the facilitator in bringing us together, giving us the name Go-Getters, and encouraging us to consider a pilot project for the Lethbridge area supported by Wellspring. With her support and that of Wellspring Calgary, we are on the road to expanding our team, finding local program partners, and eventually being able to reach our goal of supporting anyone impacted by cancer in the Lethbridge area.

The next walk is this week … who knows what ideas may come from our team this time!

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  1. How thoughtful of you ladies to form a group in Lethbridge that will support those living with cancer and their families. Many people will be so grateful to have support.

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