HOPE and Virtual Hugs

April 7, 2021
  • April 7, 2021
  • Living with Cancer Blog

By Beverly H


Well, Healing Journey 2 is done and I can hardly wait for 3 to start. This is juicy stuff … and transformative.

I now have HOPE. Before it was simply a word. It was a concept I desperately wanted to identify with and have as a resource for myself.

I had lost HOPE.

I have always helped other people find it and been an empathic listener, a validator and encourager.

However, it was time to give this to myself and I didn’t know how.

Over the years I have had mentors and wonderful parents and in laws, but they are long gone.

Who did I have to turn to – to metaphorically “hold my hand” in this dark time?

I felt like a frightened child … powerless.

With my daughter’s diagnosis, I longed for a fairy godmother to come and “bibbidi bobbidi boo” it all away. Or at least show me how to use the wand.

Guess what? I have learned to be my own fairy godmother.

Liz, the facilitator of HJ2 was/is brilliantly compassionate, vulnerable, honest, and.soooooo approachable. She led us all by example, with trusty Josh, as aide de camp. Soooo loving.

Thank you Wellspring. You have been a miracle for me, as have all the participants. (Friends I haven’t hugged yet.)

My courage has grown. My resources have gained strength. And I want to continue this enlargement.

I am still ME … just new and improved.


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