Lauren Coulombe

May 21, 2021
  • May 21, 2021
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

In the coming months, tune in as Wellspring pays special tribute to our young student volunteers

Lauren Coulombe is a cherished Wellspring Calgary volunteer who was recently accepted to not one, but three medical schools! In the fall of 2021, she will attend the Faculty of Medicine at U of A. Congratulations Lauren!

Lauren first experienced the impacts of cancer when at age nine she witnessed the diminishing health and eventual loss of her grandfather. “I saw how much it affected my dad – losing his dad to cancer. This is a foundational memory for me,” said Lauren.

Since then, other members in her family circle have survived cancer, and Lauren has paid special attention to the impacts; noting people’s experience of a defined fork in the road that marks life before cancer, and life after.

Which is why at age 19, with her sights set on medical school, Lauren found her way to Wellspring Calgary and signed up to be a volunteer.

“I wanted to play a part in an organization I would care about and believe in. The first time I walked into Wellspring I couldn’t believe how warm and welcoming and friendly it was,” said Lauren.

Two years later, Lauren has facilitated many evening and weekend programs, and been able to witness the magic of the relationships and support.

“There is this wonderful sense of community and resilience at Wellspring. I see everyone there supporting each other through difficult conversations and I’m amazed at how they pick each other up because they really do understand each other. To me they are all just such incredible and resilient people,” said Lauren.

Lauren is a big fan of keeping online programs for the long-term, as she has witnessed the benefit of greater access, and she continues to observe meaningful connections in her role as an online program host. “Having programs online might mean I can still do some volunteering, even just occasionally from a distance next year while I’m away at school,” she said.

Those who know Lauren, please join Wellspring in offering deep gratitude for all she has given, and grand hopes for the places she’ll go!

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