Greydon Arthur

June 16, 2021
  • June 16, 2021
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

In the coming months, tune in as Wellspring pays special tribute to our young student volunteers

For some of the wonderful student volunteers at Wellspring Calgary, weekly immersion in a cancer support community is a purposeful step on their path to becoming a nurse, doctor, or some other health professional.

Meet Greydon Arthur, who is in his third year of medical school at U of C and pursuing a career in medical oncology or general practice with an oncology specialty. Greydon joined the Wellspring volunteer team in 2018 and occupied a weekly spot at the front desk of Carma House for two years leading up to the pandemic. More recently, he has continued to stay involved in spite of his hectic school schedule, hosting occasional evening and weekend programs online.

“I really had two main reasons for choosing to volunteer at Wellspring. First, I have always had an interest in pursuing oncology as a career, and I knew I would get exposed to clinical oncology through medical school, but I was seeking that patient-centred exposure to cancer care that is Wellspring’s forte,” he said. “Secondly, when I was in Grade 6, my grandmother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and we found she didn’t have the supports that are available now. I wanted to contribute to this avenue of supports for others facing cancer.”

Greydon learned about Wellspring through his father who is a physician in Calgary, and whom has referred several cancer patients and caregivers to Wellspring Calgary. During his time, both in person and online, Greydon says he has come to appreciate the benefits of Wellspring, and views it as a vital component of cancer care.


“I think the biggest impact I’ve noticed is members having a place to share stories with others who understand what’s involved. They really seem to benefit from the comradery and relatability. Wellspring also seems to provide an excellent outlet for members to leave the outside and clinical world behind, and come to this place, this community, where they can just focus on themselves and connect with others,” he said.

We look forward to the day when Greydon is Dr. Greydon Arthur, referring people to Wellspring with full confidence they will find practical and emotional support to fortify their journey to wellness.

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  1. Good luck Greydon in your studies and in your future career as a doctor focused on full patient-centred care!! And thank you for all that you have done and will do for Wellspring.

  2. It sounds like you will be a doctor who treats more than just the medical aspects of cancer, and that is beautiful. I’m already happy for your future patients.

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