Wellspring Calgary becomes an Employer Partner with CCDI

June 21, 2021

Wellspring Calgary is proud to announce we are an Employer Partner with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI).

Diversity and inclusion is a strong focus of our new 2021-2026 five-year strategy. This commitment includes working to ensure all individuals living with cancer from across southern Alberta, feel welcome and included at Wellspring Calgary, with access to the programs and services they most need.

As we work to make sure our community is a warm and safe space for all, our staff and Board of Directors recently completed diversity and inclusivity training with CCDI. This new partnership will provide our team with resources to continue this essential path of learning and growth.

“It is so important to us that everyone feels welcome,” says Sheena Clifford, Chief Operating Officer for Wellspring Calgary. “While Wellspring has a long history of working towards inclusion, including some recent programming such as our Indigenous Cancer Sharing Circle, we are committing to intentionally dedicating significant time, effort, and resources to our diversity and inclusion imperative. We see becoming an Employer Partner with CCDI as a critical step in the right direction.”

We are honoured to be in partnership with CCDI, with open minds and open hearts, supporting our vision of ensuring no one has to face cancer alone.

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