CNOOC provides funding for Wellspring Calgary’s diversity and inclusion work

October 6, 2021

Wellspring Calgary is delighted to have found an ally at CNOOC International, as the global energy giant recently jumped on the opportunity to provide funds to help advance Wellspring’s plan for diversity and inclusion.

“Wellspring Calgary is a good match for CNOOC’s community investment priorities of meeting immediate needs and building thriving communities,” said Eryn Rizzoli, Manager, Communications and Community Investment. “Especially during these challenging times when everyone’s mental health has been tested in unexpected ways, services designed to meet emotional and social needs are critical.”

Rizzoli underscores CNOOC’s own internal initiatives to destigmatize mental health issues, increase awareness, share resources and promote good physical and mental health. She also points to synergies with Wellspring Calgary’s monthly Indigenous Cancer Sharing Circle, and CNOOC’s initiatives to build trust with Indigenous stakeholders and include these key stakeholders in business decisions.

“First off, we are impressed with the free cancer support services Wellspring Calgary provides. When you look at the statistics, it’s unfortunately likely that many of our staff and community members have been impacted by cancer,” said Rizzoli. “But when we reviewed the Diversity and Inclusion plan Wellspring laid out, we were really impressed. We think that, based on the actions put forward, Wellspring is sure to find ways to reduce barriers, and serve more marginalized and oppressed people.”

Personal Connection

Like so many Albertans, Rizzoli has a personal tie to Wellspring Calgary, as she joined the community and found the programs and supports impactful when her dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. “I found Wellspring to be a warm and peaceful place to take a break. When I participated in one of the movement classes, it was really nice to see other cancer patients and their families thriving.”

Later Rizzoli volunteered for Wellspring Calgary – helping edit the Annual Report, and volunteering for events.

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