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October 20, 2021
  • October 20, 2021
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For Dorothy Harvie, nothing can ever replace her beloved sister Velma Beebe, who passed away with cancer in February of 2020.

“She was such a wonderful person. She formed so many caring and lasting friendships throughout her life,” said Dorothy, still feeling the sting of the loss of her sister, who was a well-loved sister, friend and aunt, and a respected teacher for many years.

Dorothy and her sister Velma were avid quilters, often sending away for the same pattern blocks, especially ones featuring animals that were akin to Velma’s heart. Velma also enjoyed cross-stitching, and the pair shared a passion for card making.

After Velma’s passing, Dorothy decided to sell some of Velma’s quilting and cross-stitching kits, and turn her love of artful creation into a gift for Wellspring Calgary – a community that Velma loved to visit in the months before she died.

“She joined Wellspring with a friend who was a cancer survivor and she told me, ‘We have so much fun there and it’s peaceful too. The people are so kind and they don’t dwell on how awful they feel, they dwell on how good they feel together, and how much they enjoy the programs’,” said Dorothy.

Dorothy’s sister, Velma Beebe

Dorothy explained that Velma’s cancer advanced quickly, depriving her of the energy to participate in programs, but Velma still found her way to Carma House almost weekly. “She just loved going to Wellspring to have tea and talk with people – she would start up a conversation with anyone. She really found it an enjoyable way to spend her time,” said Dorothy.

When Dorothy called Wellspring to offer a donation of the proceeds from some of Velma’s creative pursuits, the gift was welcomed with gratitude and a special recollection.

“It was always a pleasure to have Velma in the centre, she lit up the room,” said Wellspring centre manager, Nancy Bilodeau.

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