Wellspring Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton become one organization  –  Wellspring Alberta  – to provide cancer support across Alberta

September 7, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Alberta, September 7, 2022

Wellspring Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton announced today that southern Alberta-based Wellspring Calgary will combine with its counterpart, Wellspring Edmonton, to form Wellspring Alberta – becoming a stronger, more unified cancer support organization province-wide.

Wellspring Calgary’s Board Chair, Bill Gilliland, said, “Given the synergies between the two organizations, we see this union as a logical way to strengthen our resources, capitalize on efficiencies, and band together to amplify our mission to provide vital services to the vastly expanding population of people and their families living with cancer throughout all of Alberta.”

Wellspring Calgary has been operating in northwest Calgary and area since 2007, adding a second permanent location in the south in 2019 to bear the weight of the burgeoning demand for cancer support services in southern Alberta. Wellspring Edmonton came on-stream in 2017 and was building momentum just as the pandemic hit. The two organizations are the only Wellspring affiliates located in Western Canada, and have forged a collaborative relationship that includes working together with various provincial cancer-serving organizations to extend their services to all corners of the province of Alberta.

“This combination comes at a time when Wellspring’s mission is more important than ever,” said Wellspring Edmonton’s Board Chair, Bill Dickout. “With cancer diagnoses falling under the radar during the pandemic, there has been a surge in more advanced cancer cases in the province. And, there is a continued need for these services in rural and remote areas of the province. Wellspring Alberta looks forward to continuing to further Wellspring’s reach in Alberta, providing vital services to anyone living with cancer and their families.”

Over the past two years, Alberta’s two Wellspring affiliates have eliminated geographical barriers by moving programs and services online to serve more people than ever before, and are now providing both in-person and online support.

“Our two organizations are incredibly proud of the work Wellspring has undertaken over the past 15 and 5 years in Calgary and Edmonton to support, uplift and fortify people and their families who are facing cancer,” says Natalie Noble, CEO for Wellspring Calgary and now CEO for the newly formed Wellspring Alberta. “As the demand for our services hits new highs, we have continued to evolve, to ensure we have the capacity and resources to address the non-medical aspects of a cancer diagnosis. Thanks to our incredible teams in Calgary and Edmonton, I can confidently say that becoming one organization will only strengthen our immensely evidence-informed formula of being there to serve those across Alberta who need us.”

For more information, please contact:

Elizabeta Liguric, Resource Development & Communications Director

Cell: 587.581.2999 | Email: elizabetal@wellspringcalgary.ca

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