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December 20, 2022
  • December 20, 2022
  • Living with Cancer Blog
By Norma Sutton

The challenges we have faced and will face, right? Wow! Adults and Children alike. Challenges do not recognize age. And how about those challenges, in their infinite variety, plus COVID-19 on top of it all.  Let us be so very grateful to be alive and let us never forget the millions who have died and those whose lives are changed forever because of COVID.

And then what if you had life-threatening cancer, or you were the main support, for someone managing that challenge, on top of everything that is life?

The wisest, have told us that the thing about change and challenge is to focus energy not in fighting to hang onto the old, but to build on the new. Socrates, and so many others, knew what they were talking about. 


I would add that I keep learning to walk through the tough climbs with a sense of calmness. I understand that my heart and head will hear the answer to “What is my next right move?” better, if am holding quietude inside and listening and have done some research. If I choose to be fearful or however that comes out in me, I might miss the answer that my spirit and mind and sound knowledge will steer me to.

Thank you to hope and faith and all my family and friends, the internet, scientists, doctors and nurses and every health care provider, including Wellspring. All these people contribute to healing. Health is everything. When diminished, there is such an impact to us and others. But remember we are not our diseases.

Wellspring you have been there in the past; in ‘the Now’; and we trust into the future. A rare organization which excels at rapid program development & finding skilled facilitation and peer support. Tremendous kindness & understanding. No one has to face cancer alone. The science-based programs Wellspring runs teach us how to embrace our challenges and engage in our own healing and management of the disease. They provide resources that also help us rework our lives with cancer’s challenges and life’s ongoing joys, glitches and hitches.

I will sit quietly each day. Breathe. Listen. I will be an active part of my own wellness. Confusion is not a path forward. In those moments I want to connect with my best-self; to the wisdom only grace and inviting peace to enter can bring. Try stepping forward with a small step or in a big way. Partner with Wellspring and others rowing in a similar boat.

2023 is almost here. I think it will ask new things of us. I wish you wisdom and peace as you journey through. We can build new ways of managing the changes that are sure to come. I extend gratitude, courage and resilience to all.

Let us be ever so kind to ourselves and others each day.

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