Cancer Connect in-person program launched in Red Deer and Lethbridge

September 1, 2023

We are excited to share that we have launched new in-person programs in both Red Deer and Lethbridge, expanding our mission to bridge the gap in community cancer care to ensure everyone across the province has access to the support and tools they need to live with cancer.

While our online programs continue to offer accessibility to everyone, we are thrilled to collaborate with community-based organizations in regional and rural centres, all driven by the needs of those living with cancer locally.

Facilitated by trained Wellspring professionals, Cancer Connect offers those with cancer and their caregivers in Red Deer and Lethbridge an opportunity to gather, share their stories, and learn valuable strategies for living well with cancer. The program covers a range of topics related to cancer and fosters a supportive and compassionate atmosphere. Our hope is that at the end of the session, each person leaves with one tool, tip, skill, or strategy that will help them manage cancer better.

“We are very much enjoying the opportunity to connect with other cancer patients locally, in a safe and compassionate setting. We are all in it together. We love what we are learning too. It provides such a positive focus,” said Jane Burns, a participant in the Red Deer program.

If you’re in Lethbridge, you can join Cancer Connect on the third Friday of every month at 10 am at the Lethbridge Senior Centre. For those in Red Deer, the program is available on the first Tuesday of the month at 11 am, or on the third Tuesday of the month at 5 pm, at the Red Deer Public Library, Dawe Branch.

Read about some of our members who have attended a Cancer Connect program in Red Deer or Lethbridge:
Miranda Walker

Miranda, 28, battled breast cancer while starting her career and relocating. With strength from loved ones, she endured chemo and radiation. Finding solace in Wellspring’s Cancer Connect, she formed meaningful connections, feeling less alone and grateful for the support.

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Cynthia Levagood

Cynthia Levagood shared her breast cancer story at an event but hesitated to wear a ‘survivor’ t-shirt. Cancer taught her patience and the importance of support. Joining Wellspring’s programs in Lethbridge provided her with a caring community. After a year of battling cancer, Cynthia received positive news from her oncologist and now proudly wears the ‘survivor’ t-shirt with gratitude and a new perspective on life.

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Bev Old

Bev Old faced a second cancer diagnosis and made a personal decision to stop chemotherapy. After six rounds of chemotherapy, she decided to prioritize quality of life over quantity, leading to an unexpected rebound. Now, she enjoys life, experiencing minimal side effects from cancer, and cherishes each day with gratitude and joy.

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Wellspring programs are evidence-informed, free of charge, available in person and online, and open to anyone living with cancer, their caregivers, and their families. While cancer patients and caregivers living anywhere in the province are welcome to join Wellspring programs online, Cancer Connect is specifically designed to gather in-person locally.

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