Medicine Hat and Grande Prairie invited to share thoughts on cancer support

February 2, 2024

As Wellspring Alberta works to expand free cancer support services across the province, Medicine Hat and Grande Prairie residents are invited to share their thoughts on what resources they would like to see in their community.

“We’re on a mission to co-create sustainable cancer support communities across the province. We already have a thriving online community of programs and support that serves cancer patients and their loved ones living anywhere with internet access, but we have learned that there is a pressing need for people living with cancer to also come together in person for programs, so we are polling residents in rural Alberta, to find out how best Wellspring can be a partner,” said Rebecca Perkins, Wellspring outreach manager.

Join us for an online information session about Wellspring Alberta!

In March, Wellspring will be holding two online information sessions, one for those in the area of Medicine Hat on March 20 and one for those in Grande Prairie on March 21, inviting cancer patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and potential supporters to come together to learn about Wellspring and offer their thoughts on next steps to work together, bringing in-person Wellspring programs to their communities.

“Wellspring subscribes to the view that people living with cancer are the experts in their experience; they know what it feels like, what they need, and what is lacking in their world. We want those living in Medicine Hat  and Grande Prairie to show us the need, and tell us how Wellspring can help fill it,” said Perkins.


Medicine Hat session | March 20, 2024 | 6pm

Grande Prairie session | March 21, 2024 | 6pm

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