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March 4, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Wellspring’s redesigned and upgraded wellspringalberta.ca!

Our team has been working hard to provide you with a more user-friendly experience, enriched content, and enhanced features. Whether you are seeking resources, information, or support, the new website is designed to meet your needs.

Here are some highlights:

✨ Streamlined Navigation: Find what you need quickly and easily.

✨ Fresh Content: Explore updated articles, resources, and support materials.

✨ Online Resources: Access recorded program webinars and resources from anywhere, at any time

✨ User-Friendly Design and Improved Accessibility: Enjoy a more intuitive and visually appealing website.

✨ Mobile Responsiveness: Access seamlessly from any device.

✨ Enhanced Program Area: Easily find and access Wellspring programs that best suit your needs. You can also view what programs are available without needing to sign in right away.

✨ Editable Profiles: Members can now update their own details within their profile area – improving access to the programs that are right for you.

✨ Easier Ways to Donate and See Your Impact: Easily make donations and see your impact through featured stories and testimonials.

✨ Collaboration Opportunities Made Visible: Health and community organizations can now more easily see how they can partner with Wellspring and share relevant information with their stakeholders.

We encourage you to take a moment to explore the new site. Here are some videos to help orient you:

We hope you enjoy the new and improved wellspringalberta.ca!

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  1. This new site definitely has some tweaking to do in order for it to work better. Some suggestions I have is for where you go to check out the programs being offered; it would be nice if each program was clearly listed as to what it is and the dates that it runs where you can see before having to click on it, it also would be helpful to be able to cancel any program that you are enrolled in that you have changed your mind on or are no longer able to attend right on the site without having to phone to do. These are two of the most important features that would make a world of difference in my opinion with making the site a better one.

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