Wellspring Alberta Partners with Red Deer Public Library

June 26, 2024

As cancer continues to impact the lives of one in two Albertans, Wellspring Alberta continues its quest to build a stronger and more accessible cancer support network across the province.

“We are an important link in the cancer care continuum; bridging the gap in our care system by addressing the mental and emotional needs of cancer survivors and their families,” explains Rebecca Perkins, Wellspring Outreach Manager. “Further to that point, we recognize that there is a gap in availability and accessibility of cancer support services across the province, and we are doing all we can to remedy that.”

With that goal in mind, Wellspring has been steadily expanding its outreach arm by joining forces with various regional service and support agencies, to help bring in-person programs closer to home for more Albertans.

Red Deer Public Library is the latest to enlist its resources to help further the cause. Since January 2023, the library has been hosting Wellspring’s Red Deer Cancer Connect program twice monthly. This guided Wellspring program offers support and a safe gathering space for those living with cancer and their caregivers.

“When the possibility presented itself to work with Wellspring to offer its unique cancer support program to Red Deer and area, the library was happy to do it. We collaborate with multiple community partners, and we are committed to providing programs, collections and services that help people in our community with their health and wellness,” said Tatiana Tilly, Strategic Planning and Engagement Manager.

While Wellspring has a flourishing online community, with this and several other collaborations in the works, Wellspring is able to offer programs at satellite locations, and raise awareness of its vast offerings of support and services for all Albertans.

“We want to be top of mind for people across the province, whether they are facing cancer themselves, or in a caregiving role, or to share with others they know who have received a diagnosis. Wellspring offers meaningful support, vital information, and effective coping strategies for anyone with any type of cancer and at any point in their journey,” said Perkins.

With partnerships such as Red Deer Public Library, Wellspring Alberta continues to make strides in its aim to ensure anyone facing cancer has access to the mental and emotional resources they need to live as well as possible.

“Going through cancer is hard. We know that the Red Deer Public Library provides a welcoming and neutral meeting ground for people to gather and find support and understanding; and for those who wish, to pet our friendly library dog!” said Tilly, explaining that the library employs a facility service dog named Katja who enhances many library programs, including Wellspring’s Cancer Connect, with her positive presence.


Photo of Katja included. She also has her own Instagram account – @katjardplfacilitydog

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